Corrosion Measurement

Development of new corrosion detection and monitoring technologies.

Corrosion  Measurement

CMR’s ambition is to become an international promotor of new measuring technologies dedicated to integrity management in general and corrosion (both internal and external) in particular. To assume a leading position within the relevant global scientific and technological communities, we will build on the current in-house expertise and R&D projects:

  • Funded by the Research Council of Norway:
  • FKP for undercoating and through-wall corrosion detection/monitoring (245349 /E30).
  • Optical fibres for detection of corrosion under isolation (245395 /E30).
  • Funded by the industry (in this case Statoil and Gassco):
    • FKP for monitoring internal corrosion in offshore pressure vessels.

CMR will actively seek national and international cooperation opportunities with science and technology research organisations and as well with various industries.


Relevant presentations:

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F. Turcu, M. Rohwerder. “The SKP – a novel NDT technology to assist field inspections and recertification of subsea installations”, Underwater Technology Conference (UTC), 18th – 19th June 2014, Bergen, Norway. Oral presentation.

F. Turcu, M. Rohwerder. “A new NDT technology for real-time monitoring of corrosion risk indicators makes it possible to address corrosion problems more effectively”. NFA seminar, 29th October 2014, Bergen. Oral presentation.

F. Turcu, M. Rohwerder. “Rapid, in-situ evaluation of undercoating corrosion and HISC susceptibility on topside and subsea oil and gas installations”. NFV seminar “Strategisk Inspeksjonsstyring”, 19th –  20th November 2014, Bergen. Oral presentation.

P. Thomas. “Online distributed integrity monitoring system (ODIMS) – enabling targeted and cost efficient CUI inspection and maintenance”. Overflate, 4th–5th November 2015, Bergen. Oral presentation.