About Prototech

Prototech is a company in the CMR Group and is a provider of technical solutions, prototype- and product development, manufacturing and test services covering application areas from space to the ocean floor.



Our core areas of expertise are

  • Structural components for satellites and launchers
  • Experimental modules for unmanned and manned space flights
  • Thermal & mechanical analysis (FEM) and Aero- & hydrodynamic analysis (CFD)
  • Special equipment and tools to client specifications for the oil & gas and offshore industry
  • Concept studies of energy conversion processes
  • Development and demonstration of fuel-cell-based energy processes
  • Extensive expertise in developing advanced and special tools for pipeline inspection


Prototech vision

Prototech should be an attractive strategic development partner and deliver technological solutions that provides added value to the customer, and that contributes to a sustainable future.

Prototech mission

Prototech exists so that we can contribute to a sustainable development by pushing forward new technology, by carrying out development projects and by realizing innovation.