Product Name:  Integrated catalytic reformer and fuel cell exhaust gas afterburner  
Product Description: A novel concept of reformer to convert liquid hydrocarbon fuel such as ethanol and bioethanol into hydrogen and CO2. Uses the heat produced by burning the exhaust gas from the anode of a fuel cell stack to maintain temperature optimal for reforming reaction. Catalytic reformer. Catalyst and operating temperatures can be adjusted to reform different types of fuels, from methanol to biodiesel. Best used as an integral part of a medium-sized heat and power generation units based on SOFCs and HTPEM fuel cells
Market segment: Energy, Marine
Areas of use: Stationary or larger mobile power generation, household heat and power generation
Capacity: 1 kW (0,5-50?) electric energy equivalent
Reference Project:  BIOHTPEM  - Technology development for bioethanol fuelled fuel cell systems
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